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Hey, can you make the "download or claim" option available? I want to add this game to my library. Example: Like this game

Hi Feck! Usually this game is available to purchase for about $1. If you buy it you can claim it, but while it is 100% off it’s not available to claim, only download

Oh, really? I got sad. But okay! Thanks for answering :)

Next minute Ruby has a sweet job working for a telecom company :D

Hey, I hope it's okay but your game caught my attention (since I have pretty bad anxiety about making phone calls) so I recorded myself playing it and posted a video of it to my very small gaming channel. Here's a link if you want to check it out! 

really good game. I struggle with answering phone calls so this will definitely help me try to do that more. would love for different callers to be available in future updates :)

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I can't get this to work. Speaking into my microphone doesn't seem to do anything. So sad.  I wonder if there is some type of mic setup that I'm missing.. I'll just wait for the clickable update, I can't wait to experience this game. :D


If you're on Windows 10 you might need to enable Microphone as well as Speech, Inking and Typing in the Privacy settings.  I'll work on getting the clickable update out as soon as possible :)

OH that worked, thank you! Yes, I am on Win10. Haha, this was so nervewracking but in a great way. Is that weird to say??

I have trouble speaking (actually, I don't speak at all in public) and even though the character was rude it did help me to stop stuttering in my speech a bit. I hope to see more games like this in the future! :D


Aw thank you so much!!  I'm really glad it helped you :)

I like the concept! Even though speaking is the whole point, it'd be nice if the choices could be made with a keyboard/mouse so people can still experience the game even if audio input doesn't work. Good luck with future games either way!


Thanks for your response!  That's a good point, I'll make the options clickable when I clean the rest of the game up :)

You're welcome and take care!